Today’s Malabar Nairs, a forward caste, said to have been the descendants of the Kshatriyas, one of the best warrior clans the world has ever seen, were the committed and proud protectors of the society, kingdom and community in the region.  Nairs constituted the rulers, warriors, land lords, farmers, overseers and supervisors in the past and still remain one of the most important sections of Malabar.


PRANAM ( Pravasi Nair Movement ) an apolitical Nair forum of expatriate Nair community , a forward caste from Malabar , was formed in Dubai on 23rd March 2005 by a few like minded Malabar Nair community members residing in United Arab Emirates.

'Charity starts at home ' is the concept and we made a humble start in pursuit of assisting the community to regain the lost identity and glory.


The Last   Date of submission of application is 20 th August 2019 .